How to Choose Best Electric Tandoor for Home

Best Electric Tandoor in India

Electric tandoors help you make more nutrient-rich food at ease. An electric tandoor for home allows you to start instant cooking. The installation of an electric tandoor is easy and it also saves time. An electric tandoor also preserves the natural taste and aroma of the food prepared in it.

So, before going any further, let us know What is an Electric Tandoor?

It is a tandoor that specifically works over electricity. The structure of an electric tandoor is like a metallic box in a square shape with a metallic tray inside. Foods to cook need to be put into this sliding tray.

You can grill non-vegetarian food as well as vegetables in this tandoor. Parathas, naan, kababs, tandoori rotis are some of the dishes which you can make in an electric tandoor.

How are electric tandoors different from traditional tandoors?

  • Function: The traditional tandoor is like a clay pit in a cylindrical shape. The fire in a traditional tandoor is fired with the help of coal and wood. And we put the food directly on the fire by putting it in a stick. While an electric tandoor is compact in a structure which allows you to cook food instantly just after putting the food inside on the sliding tray.
  • Installation ease: It requires special skills to install a traditional style tandoor. Whereas the electric tandoors come with ease of installation. Everybody can cook food in electric tandoors for home.
  • Saves Time: Cooking food in a traditional tandoor takes a lot of time. Nowadays, nobody has enough time to wait this long for the tandoor to heat up. But this is not the case with electric tandoors. It heats up instantly and thus does not waste your time waiting.

The thing to consider before purchasing an electric tandoor for your home

Based on the requirement, you can find your specifications of an electric tandoor. For instance, the number of people you will be cooking for, the space available for tandoor to be placed in your kitchen, etc. So, the things you should consider to buy an electric tandoor are:

  1. Power consumption: Many tandoors are available in the market with varying power consumption. Some works on high power while others work on low power. Tandoors using high power will cook faster for you, and tandoors with low power consumption will make cooking slower. So, as per your requirements for time and electricity, you can choose any of these two.
  2. Portability of electric Tandoors: Years back, electric tandoors used to be heavier. But now, with the modern technologies, they are being made in much lesser weight. With this weight, you can easily move your tandoor anywhere in your house. Just make sure the tandoor’s body is cooled down while moving it.
  3. Thermostat: The temperature of cooking in the tandoor is an essential thing to know. The temperature which is more than needed will burn the food. So, a thermostat is there in these electronic tandoors which helps you in setting required temperature conditions. A variety of tandoors are available in the market based on thermostat. For instance, if you buy a tandoor with a 10 step thermostat, you can easily set the inside temperature at 10 different options. This helps in giving the different foods their required different temperature.
  4. Capacity of tandoor: The amount of food which you can cook at one time is also an important aspect to consider while purchasing an electric tandoor. Consider how many people you will need to cook, whether you have a large family or a small and so on. If you need to cook for some party or any event, get a bigger one.
  5. 180 degrees Opening and operating: When someone says the word barbeque, we automatically picture the apparatus being open in the sunny area having delicious food on it. So, it is also important to see the opening system of your tandoor. Some have 180 degrees opening system so that you may reach out to your cooked food easily. Also, it makes it easier to clean after cooking in it.
    Also, if you need to cook any kind of thick dishes like meat or pizza in it, then look for a tandoor that has a floating hinge too. This becomes cooking easier for foods that require prolonged cooking.
  6. Proper insulation and shock proofing: Your tandoor should be properly insulated. So, carefully look for good insulation before buying a tandoor. Do not go with cheaper and non-trusted brands that may compromise with this feature.
  7. Pricing of tandoors: Electric tandoor prices may vary significantly based on the features. Tandoors available in the market may range somewhere between INR 3000 to INR 5000. So, carefully choose the tandoor because there are plenty of brands which do not offer much features at higher prices.
  8. Product Warranty: The last aspect to consider, but definitely not the least. When you will use an electric tandoor for home or parties, you may use it for hours long. It is quite an expensive thing you will buy for your kitchen. So, you need to look for the warranty of several years of the product you are buying.

The Bottom line

Your next get together or any birthday party will become sorted if you buy the best electric tandoor for home. We are saying so because this tasty food you will cook in an electric tandoor will take less time and even lesser hard work. Also, cleaning will be easy too.

So, make a wise decision and go for a nice and suitable electric tandoor for your home.

Happy Cooking!

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