Best UPS For PC in India – Reviews & Comparison

Best UPS For PC in India

UPS is the first thing that one should install with their computer system, especially if they haven’t any overall power backup at their home. It’s necessary to keep safe your PC and works done on it from random power cuts or failures.

UPS stands for “uninterruptible power supply” and tends to provide emergency power supply to the computer units when the primary power interrupted. Here we will explore more about its components, features, and comparison factors to get the best UPS for PC in India.

Cause power cuts are very frequent in India; you need to select a UPS which has the ability to give sufficient backup time while satisfying other requirements. So, read the UPS buying guide at the end of the article to get detailed knowledge on these topics.

Best UPS List – Overview
1. APC BX1100C-IN Best Pick
2. APC BX600C-IN Best in 600 VA UPS
4. Emerson Liebert UPS Good Alternative But Expensive
5. iBall Nirantar UPS Value For Money
6. CHAMPION 800VA Line Interactive UPS Could be Considered
7. APC BE700Y-IND Back-UPS Powerful but Heavy
8. Artis-600VA Line Interactive UPS Equipped with Cold Start function

Best UPS for PC in India

1. APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back-UPS

APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back UPSAPC is one of the best UPS manufacturer brands in the industry, and BX1100C is a really powerful UPS with 1100 VA capacity. This well-designed ups stuffed with lots of features like audible alarm, automatic self-test, auto voltage regulation, battery saver indicator.

The audible alarm alerts every time while changing utility power and UPS power conditions. It’s the key feature for every UPS to make the user aware of the power cut So that they can save their work. The unique and the best feature of it was its automatic self-test, which performs periodic tests on the battery that detects and alerts when the battery needs to be changed.

Apart from that, the indicators are given in front to indicates the battery charging or full charge notifications. According to our research, it’s capable of providing 30-40 minutes of backup time with a light workload like browsing, video playback, etc. for heavy gaming; the backup time may reduce up to 10-15 minutes. Mostly It’s enough to complete & save the game, whereas other low VA UPS can hardly give you enough time.

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2. APC BX600C-IN 600VA UPS

APC BX600C-IN 600VA UPSAPC BX600C is no doubt the most valuable UPS in the market, with its premium build quality, features, and APC reliability. It has 600VA capacity, which gives sufficient time to turn off pc for regular home/office users.

The automatic voltage regulation is a critical feature for connected equipment safety. It controls the voltage levels to suit your equipment and prevents any kind of damages to them.

The slim and stylish design improves its overall elegance and makes it the most favorable choice for many customers. That’s the main reason why its the bestselling product for years. Along with that, it also has functions like battery saver, Boost AVR, Various Indicators, audible alarms, and cold start, which provides temporary power when battery power is out.

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3. VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 Desktop UPS (600VA)

VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 Desktop UPS (600VA)The trust of VGuard now comes in UPS with its SESTO 600 model. It has a 600VA/300W capacity, which is capable of giving 10-15 minutes of power backup with one CPU, monitor, & printer attached.

A power button (On/off) given in front with a led indicator to quickly turn it off/on. It’s the right choice for standard usage customers in the medium budget range, as it also provides two years of warranty with it.


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4. Emerson Liebert iTON CX 600 VA Line Interactive UPS

Emerson Line Interactive UPSIt’s a Line Interactive UPS, which means it regulates the power comes through it and makes the voltage up or down to suits the connected devices. It’s a necessary feature to have, which prevents from voltage fluctuations, to know more about line-interactive UPS read buying guide provided after the list.

It works on a simulated sine wave, which is not as good as a pure sine wave but does its job quite well, especially if you don’t have too much load. If you have inverters at your home, you may have noticed the speeding up of fan & brighter light when the power cut off; It’s the result of square sine waves.

The one drawback of it was it has a too high rechargeable time of 6 Hrs which means if you are going to face second power cut within this period, this UPS can’t give its 100% power backup time.

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5. iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA UPS with Power Protection

iBall Nirantar UPSiBall is quite a famous brand in India, especially in computer accessories such as UPS. The UPS designed well with a rough & tough outer shell to protect it from damages or impacts.

The UPC can work well with the security camera systems also and can provide up to three hours of backup to them. For Pc with optimum load its as good as others of 600VA capacity. It gives an Automatic voltage regulator for Boost & Buck to add an extra layer of security from voltage fluctuations.

If you’re looking for the best value for money products, then nothing can beat Its affordable price range with good build quality.

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6. CHAMPION 800VA Line Interactive UPS

CHAMPION 800VA Line Interactive UPSThis line-interactive UPS looks promising with its high power 800VA, 12V, 9Ah battery, which is capable of providing a backup time of up to 25 minutes. It gives continuous and constant power supply, which ensures the safety of real-time work.

The champion covers a two-year warranty on UPS and one year warranty on the battery and ensures the Full Protection from Short Circuit / Overload / Unsafe voltage levels.

The total weight of the unit was just 4.5 Kg with the dimensions of 30 x 9 x 14 cm, which fits in every suitable space in your computer desk.

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7. APC BE700Y-IND 420-watt Back-UPS

APC BE700Y-IND 420-watt Back UPSIt’s quite differently designed UPS with the output sockets on the top, and the width of the UPS is higher than the length and height comparatively. The 700VA powerful UPS provides a higher backup time, which lets you save the data even at heavy load.

This UPS is quite an expensive side but useful for the users who need such a beast. From the design perspective, I prefer the APC BX1100C-IN more because of its higher capacity battery & slim/stylish design.

No doubt, BE700Y-IND is a powerful unit, but the design looks a bit older and gives heavy feeling with its 7.8 kg weight. Apart from that, it has Built-in AVR to ensure battery is conserved even during low or high voltage conditions.

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8. Artis-600VA Line Interactive UPS

Artis-600VA Line Interactive UPSLast but not least, this 600VA UPS from Artis has all that you need at a low cost. The Wide input range 140-230 VAC, Cold Start function, and Generator Compatible features never let you suffer. The cold start feature reserve some battery even when the UPS is out.

The microcontroller ensures product performance & reliability for maximum performance. It is equipped with a heavy-duty battery, and the processor gives Simulated Sinewave Output, which provides better performance than square wave and prevents computer units from shocks.

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What are the Types of UPS Systems?

The Desktop UPS is primarily of three types Standby, Line-Interactive, and Online, respectively. Each of them has its benefits over others, So, let it discuss in details.

  • Standby UPS – The Standby UPS is the one who stays on standby mood and starts the power supply at the time of power failure. The discharged battery will charge automatically when the main power supply is back. This automatic switch is fast enough (under 100 milliseconds) to run your PC or other components safely.
    It is the most common type of UPS, which generally used by computer users in India.
  • Line-Interactive UPS – The working of it was same as standby UPS with just a difference of transformer, which included to counter the high voltage fluctuations in the power supply. It keeps the appliance safe from the voltage fluctuations and provides the constant optimum voltage required for the unit.
  • Online UPS – It’s a kind of different UPS system than standby or line-interactive, which continuously filters the power supply without waiting for power supply to be cut. It works something similar to the home inverter systems but a smaller unit.

Capacity & Other Features

There are many things that one should look before purchasing any UPS backup for personal computers. We have listed them here to keep you updated with the latest must-have functions. These factors play a crucial role in selecting the best UPS for home/office computers.

Capacity of Battery

The battery capacity or backup time is the first thing that one should notice in any UPS model. Perhaps the capacity is mentioned in the VA (Volt-Amperes) on all products, but you can calculate the required one by multiplying the wattage with 1.6 times.

Suppose, After combining the power requirement of all pc units such as CPU, monitor, speakers, you need 400 watts of power to run the system without any difficulties. Then you can convert it into VA by doing some simple calculations, 400 x 1.6 = 640 VA, Then, It is the number that you should look into product description because all the manufacturers mention the UPS Power in VA.

The backup time also depends on the number of components you run simultaneously with UPS backup and their power consumption. In general conditions, 10 to 15 minutes of backup time is more than enough to save your ongoing work and shut down the os sufficiently.

Number of Outlets

Considering the number of outlets becomes necessary when you have a high number of pc units to run from UPS. Two of the outlets are consumed by the CPU and Monitor plugs, and the others can be needed for wifi router, speakers, printers, scanners, or other devices.

It depends on personal usage but prefers the one which has at least three outlets to suits regular usage. Perhaps you can use the extensions to extend the power to the other devices also, but overall it will reduce the backup time cause the battery power is the same.

Price Factor

One can get a wide range of UPS for computers by different UPS brands within a price range of 2k – 3k rupees. But one should always prefer the reputed brand & good quality rather than a low price.

Apart from that, you should also consider your budget and try to get the best pc ups within the budget limits. Warranty is one thing that nobody wants to ignore trying to select products with at least a two-year warranty to make sure you’ll use ups without any worries.

The Final Thoughts

From the above complete UPS review, one can conclude that the best UPS must have sufficient power backup time with a good number of outlets to use the backup power on the right devices. Some advanced ups also come with software suits which display the backup time of ups, power consumption on the monitor. It can be connected through the USB ports to enables such functionality.

Share your views or queries with us through the comment section below and let us know.

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