Best Multivitamins in India – Reviews & Comparison

Best Multivitamins in India Review

Multivitamins have been quite a commonly used dietary supplement across the world and India has also seen an increase in its take for many years now. Therefore, considering the nature and importance of the tablet, let’s know first.

What are multivitamins?

Well, they are basic minerals which your body dearly needs, like nutrients and can best be taken as tablets.

I am sure you would have seen people with great energy and vigor working right from morning till late evening. It is even more surprising to note few of the employees who work at nights all geared up with high energy levels through their working hours.

Why do we need multivitamins?

Every human being needs multivitamins to stay active, fit and of course, energized.

Sadly, we don’t take healthy diet due to work pressure as there is a lack of time or due to its carelessness. Hence, our body would have received sufficient multivitamins, but it doesn’t. This is where the importance of multi-vitamins becomes even more.

We want to be fit and healthy. Don’t we? Our body becomes capable of fighting against seasonal diseases so that we don’t easily succumb to illness.

The best thing for you is to have diet rich in vitamins, but if you aren’t able to take, then the next best option is to have multivitamin tablets.

Best Multivitamins in India

1. RevitalH-60 Capsules

RevitalH-60 Capsules best in India


  • RevitalH-60 has a balanced mixture of 10 vitamins and 9 minerals and ginseng which are needed to give essential nutrients to the body
  • Gives an awesome level of energy for hours together by fighting tiredness
  • Ensures a peaceful and calm mind to take decisions with an alert mind by combating stress

Revital H is for those who due to work pressure or lack of time are unable to exercise for keeping fit and active. Men, women and children can have it as well. Indians are widely using it as the supplement is 100% safe. It has minerals and vitamins. If you are a trainer or have a great body, then you comparably require high power where this tablet won’t make much of an effect. It is suited for normal bodies as it has a mild effect.

Revital has 60 capsules and it lasts for a month, as you take 2 capsules daily.


  • Safeguards your muscles from fatigue
  • Enhances the functioning of brain
  • Strengthens immunity


  • Not suitable for professionals and bodybuilders to consume

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2. Muscletech Essential Series Platinum Multi-Vitamin 90 Tablets

Muscletech Essential Series Platinum Multi-Vitamin 90 Tablets


  • Provides critical micronutrients towards giving extra boost for ensuring athletic performance
  • Supports the multivitamin needs for an active, energized and healthy life
  • Best for men, women, power lifters and fitness experts who have a great appetite and hunger to ensure high powered performance

Muscketech is a renowned name and has been giving a healthy life to Indians. It comes with important vitamins and minerals needed for body to maintain the level of fitness and to impart functioning in a top-notch manner. So that you can continue to work with the same energy in your office till the last minute. The high level of minerals and vitamins makes them quite favorite and that also adds to its cost where many of you may find it to be a bit expensive. It is equally rich in amino acids which boost the level of energy in the body.

It has biotin which enhances the glow of skin, by repairing the damages simultaneously. You will find nourished skin and having a certain charisma and glitter will only add to your smile.

It is best to take 3 caplets daily.


  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Repair the skin and make it glow
  • It assists in maintaining the hormonal balance
  • Increases the strength to fight against diseases, by strengthening immunity


  • A bit too expensive

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3. MuscleXP Daily Vital Multivitamin

MuscleXP Daily Vital Multivitamin


  • It is a pack of 60 tablets
  • Has 36 nutrients present in a single dose namely amino acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, health blends
  • It is taken one tablet daily and best to have in the morning (preferred)
  • It is known for quality and simplicity

The name MuscleXP has earned trust as it deals in multivitamins along with related supplements and is known for its affordability. It helps to regain your lost energy especially when you feel slight low, while working for hours at a stretch as it continues to make you active and energized.

MuscleXP Daily Vital Multivitamin has 25 vitamins & minerals along with antioxidants and amino acids.

It has high potency formula which is absorbed easily in the body, thus begin to show its pleasant effect, just when you dearly need the most.


  • Has high potency formula for quick results
  • Affordable
  • Prepares you for active hours and life, when taken on regularly basis

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4. Wow Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules

Wow Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules

We take multi vitamin tablets because we aren’t able to properly get from diet. Isn’t it?

Since Omega 3 EPA and DHA fatty acids are necessary for body as it strengthens the immune system, the development of bones and joints, ensures a healthy brain. Fish oil is very useful for the brain’s cell generation.


  • Has a capsule of 60 tablets
  • Capsules provide 3-4 times high omega 3-s for better results
  • Enteric coating is done for the absorption of fatty acids
  • Can be taken one on daily basis


  • The capsules don’t use additives or fillers etc
  • Strengthens heart and bones

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Hence! These are some of the best multivitamins for men & women that one can consider for themselves as an additional supplement of nutrition.

Who all needs multivitamins?

Multivitamins are no age bound. People of different age group need them. 


In old age people, there are a series of deficiencies which we come across especially with high loss of vitamin D, C, iron, and calcium. So where to compensate from? Well, we need them for a balanced body, if we want to feel better both mentally and physically.


A woman undergoes menopause which is quite a challenging phase health-wise, as estrogen is lost in a high manner. If unchecked, it may even result in high bone density loss. Hence, they need vitamin D and calcium for a proper body balance.

Similarly, there are others who need multivitamins as well. You need to check the doctor accordingly.

What is the best time to take multivitamins?

You can take after breakfast in the morning time which is quite preferred as you start getting results to gear up with the hectic day ahead. However, you can also take after dinner, if you want, but you shouldn’t take it late at night. Similarly, don’t consume in an empty stomach. It may result in stomach ulcers.

Things to consider when choosing a multivitamin

It is important to know the specific type of multivitamin as they are more favorable than others. They work as a backup for your healthy diet. Hence, the following is the buying guide which helps you to know the tips before you corner down your next tablet.

Research about the product

Check its ingredients and it is better to even cross-check. Look for the ingredients before you click on the “Purchase” or “Buy now” button. You need to check, what you will be getting. The research will help you to decide better, as it is your body and you have full authority to accordingly decide.


Price is important and remember that your tablet should have a balance of nutritional elements and proteins. If you are getting them at affordable price, then it is the best bet and never compromise on quality.

Choose multivitamins which have vitamin E complex

Ensure that you get vitamin E as mixed tocopherols which basically implies that you are getting Vitamin E with alpha, beta delta as well as gamma. Yes, that is the characteristic of a mixed one. While many sell without it. However, it is important to understand, that many studies have unearthed the fact that other forms of vitamin E are extremely necessary to heal


Many tablets use additives and fillers which may reduce cost of manufacturing but is certainly unsafe to consume. Additives are artificial chemicals. They should be free from allergies too.

Multivitamins shouldn’t have both calcium and iron

Yes, look for the formulas of them, whether they have both calcium and iron. Don’t take both of them together as it is in the best interest to take them individually. For ex if you are taking iron, then taking calcium along with, may interfere with iron’s absorption.

Read the reviews from unbiased sources

Yes, that’s an important mechanism to know about the essence of product. You should strictly follow it.

Final thoughts

Multivitamins play an important role in today’s fast life. However, one thing you need to remember is that a dietary supplement can never be regarded as a dietary replacement. It is your responsibility to have a diet which is balanced and has essential nutrients for you own betterment. So, stay healthy and keep smiling and live a healthy life every single day.

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