Top 5 Best Glucometer in India – Reviews & Comparison

Best Glucometer in India

Glucometers are quite popular because they help to get information about the blood sugar levels quickly and easily. They give precise results with the measurement of the blood glucose level at all times. These computerized devices are small and display the level instantly. Hence, they are quite useful for people who have diabetes in day-to-day life.

In case, you are suffering from diabetes; glucometer works excellently to let you know about a blood sugar level and get valuable information regarding how exercise, medication, stress, food and some other factors are responsible for your sugar levels in the body. Besides, the information is helpful to build a treatment plan.

The blood glucose meters are available in markets for home use only. Some models are quite basic to give you information regarding the blood glucose level only while some advanced version has other features like memory storage for storing information.

Points to Consider Before Buying Glucometer

Whether you’re looking for a basic model or an upgrade, it’s essential to note a few points before purchasing one. Despite dozens of models, these points help you to select the best glucometer for yourself.

  • Consult with your doctor or nurse who can suggest a specific meter that will guide you in the right direction. Sometimes, you will get a pre-approved meter that can comply with the testing costs and other supplies.
  • Sensor glucometers are costly. So, you must look after the number of test strips in each kit before purchasing.
  • The testing procedure is quite different from each other. So, it is essential to look for the models that will be easy to use based on the system of monitoring. Moreover, you should also pay attention to how much blood is required in every test strip.
  • It is crucial to find a model that will give you the reading easily on the screen. Besides, pay attention to the amount of time the device requires to give you the results.
  • Time is valuable, so it’s vital to find an effective kit that can give you reading even after testing several times a day.
  • Maintenance of the Glucometer is an utmost necessity. So, it’s good to look for the Glucometer that is quick and easy to handle along with maintenance. Calibrate, ion deserves attention when it comes to getting the new strips.
  • A model that can store the readings is a better one because it helps you with the tracking of the blood glucose numbers. Even in the long-term, you can keep the records and refer to them whenever you need them. This feature ends the hassles of finding a notebook for noting down the numbers repeatedly. It’s better to buy a piece that will have the memory options. Some of the advanced blood Glucometer models also have logs that can be retrieved at a later time.
  • Some blood glucometers have other unique features that make it a compact option. A large meter that has stripped for more comfortable use is quite preferable among the users. Even people with impaired vision like these kits because they have an easy to read screen along with the verbal command. Numerous colorful options are available, making them excellent products even for children. What makes these models fantastic are the features like audio capability, backlit screen, memory storage, handling skills, USB meter, to name a few. The option for recording the carbohydrate grams and insulin is another remarkable feature.
  • Only with a reliable model, you will get the accuracy of the test depending on the number of issues that are to be dealt with it. Also, the kit includes quality test strips.

In this article, you will get to see some of the advanced and handpicked Glucometer models that will cover your needs and give you the utmost satisfaction. This section will give you the details about our handpicked choices for testing your blood samples.

5 Best Glucometer in India

1. Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter with 10 strips

This kit for testing blood glucose lets you get records in no time. On the display of the flashing drop symbol, apply blood drop to the green field right at the center. After 5 seconds, you will get the test result. The meter has the automatic turn off the feature.

Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter with 10 strips


  • Out-of-meter dosing- this is an excellent feature that allows the user to drop the blood drop to the test strip and reinsert it to get the result back in 20 seconds
  • Auto-coding- you get this feature with a new Kit that allows you to compare the code number available on the chip with the corresponding number available on the level of the strip container
  • Accurate measurement of blood sugar- most accurate system that complies with the ISO 15197:2013 standards
  • Easy to use- has powerful features into a smaller pack for monitoring blood glucose levels.
  • Two-button handling-With only two buttons, Accu-Chek Active is effortless to handle.

What we like:

This kit has a  feature of Visual double-check that gives the reading of accurate blood glucose measurement and allows the user to note the displayed result. Match color code gives the user a re-dose option for 8 seconds allows you to get satisfactory results. The other feature that we like the most is the “Pre and post-meal markers” It allows us to get pre and post-meal flagging.


  • Reminder for testing after two hours of eating.
  • USB interface that is a built-in USB port, allows the flexible transfer of saved test results.
  • 500 blood sample memory
  • Test average availability up to 90 days
  • lifetime warranty


  • only ten strips
  • Strips are expensive

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2. Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

This pack of 25 meters allows regulation of blood glucose quickly, accurately, and comfortably. After conducting the test, you can discuss results with Medical Practitioner.

Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer


  • No Coding Technology-you’ve to manually insert code since the device lacks automated coding budget glucometer with ergonomic features that gives an accurate reading within 5 seconds.
  • kit box has everything arranged in disciplined order like strips, lancet, lancing device, user manual
  • The storage of 300 blood samples.
  • It requires only 0.5 microliters of blood.
  • Availability of lifetime warranty.
  • Availability of alternate Site Testing

What we like:

Handling the device is effortless when compared to numerous other models in 2020. The simple techniques even allow elderly people to handle it without problems.


  • Instant and accurate reading
  • Ease to handle
  • A small amount of blood required
  • Kit box with the availability of essential products


  • The strips are vulnerable to expiration

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3. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

This glucometer is easiest to operate that requires no coding. All you have to do is to supply the blood sample in the strip. Visual and audio alerts give the notification to the user within 5 seconds whether the level of sugar is high or low.

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer


  • Simple to use with no set-up, buttons, or coding. The straightforward technique in it makes it right out of the box.
  • An accurate device that meets the latest International ISO 15197:2013 standards.
  • Requires a small sample of blood (1.0 µL)
  • Availability of the OneTouch Select Plus strips.
  • Simple 2-step testing where you’ve to insert a test strip and then apply the blood.

What we like:

  • The simple to use a blood glucose monitor is quite simple which is quite advanced that has made it a top-selling meter.


  • No coding and buttons
  • Get instant result
  • Colour and audio alerts


  • Limited strips
  • No kit box

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4. BeatO Curv Glucometer

This pack comes with the 10 Strips & 10 Lancets. The kit is perfect in terms of measuring blood glucose levels. You can use it anytime, and anywhere. People are getting excellent results with BeatO’s set that utilizes a compact smartphone in the glucometer.

BeatO Curv Glucometer


  • Make In India product that follows the necessary protocols
  • The product holds accuracy (+/- 15%).
  • The kit includes 10 x Test Strips, 1 x Lancing Device, 10 x Lancets, 1 x User Manual and 1 x Travel Pouch.
  • Compact and easy to carry kit that allows connection to the smartphone with the help of a charging port.
  • The device works seamlessly with Android devices as well as iPhones
  • Works with numerous feature that works with BeatO App. It will also stick to the trends and analysis with the help of simple graphs for the understanding of the body better.
  • An automatic alert system will let the individuals stay informed whether the reading is high or low. So, you can choose this product for family, friends, or anyone else.
  • Constant monitoring by the team of diabetes experts. The guide will also help to make better health choices.

What we like:

The mobile-based glucometer lets the individuals to effortlessly take sugar readings. Moreover, it syncs with the BeatO App for the maintenance of previous reading logs. The features enable the user to understand variations in the sugar levels. With these readings, people get the convenience of making necessary changes in diet and lifestyle. Also, they can consult with the doctor to get suggestions regarding the medication.


  • numerous feature for easy handling
  • Accurate analysis


  • Some consumers report about inaccurate readings

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Glucometer Buying Guide

The selection of technical products is never easy, especially when it related to healthcare.

Some vital instructions

  • The way a user handles the Glucometer is a determining factor of the test result. User error is a common reason for the accuracy of glucose reading. So, it is essential to be practical in preparing the meter and testing it with the blood samples besides.
    It’s crucial to show to the doctor after getting the test results. Besides, you must avoid the dirty testing site. Sometimes, ingredients like food, drink, body lotion, sanitizers and other deciduous on the hand can affect the level of the blood glucose reading. So make sure to wash your hand properly and get them dried before conducting the test.
  • In case you are using the alcohol swab, it is essential to let the place get dried completely before starting with the test procedure. Avoid using the first drop of blood because it’s vulnerable to give inaccurate results. Making use of the second drop is a better choice.
  • Pay attention to the environment where you are conducting the blood test. Sometimes, room temperature, humidity, and altitude are the affecting factors of the blood glucose readings.
  • If your kit comes with instructions on how to get the property things, it’s better to follow it before conducting any test.
  • Look for the compatibility of the test strips. Sometimes, testing strips really prove to be expensive. This forces many people to get a third party or generic strips. But, the problem is that these strips are vulnerable to give inaccurate results.
  • Only strips that are designed to read the readings in an accurate manner will ensure that the test results don’t get affected.
  • If you are using alternative test strips be sure that they are compatible with the machine for testing.
  • Always look for the expiration date of the entire pack because out of date strips will completely ruin the test. Manufacturing instructions give reliable outcomes.
  • If you are unsure about how the testing strip works with the blood sugar meter, it’s best to consult the doctor or also called the manufacturer to know more about the testing technique.


How many times to check?

The number of times you test with Glucometer totally depends on the type of diabetes you are suffering from. It’s a common fact that the blood sugar levels usually fluctuate in case of testing Type 1 Diabetes than while testing for type 2 diabetics. So, check more frequently in case you’re suffering from type 1.

The reason is that they are advised by the doctors to test around 3 or 4 times a day which leads to the adjustment of the insulin dose. Besides, depending on the severity even the patients of type 2 diabetes are asked to check it once or twice a day or more frequently depending upon the seriousness.

Why glucometer is so preferable?

The Glucometer is a convenient device because it gives you different information based on the type of test conducted. In case you are fasting, you will get the fasting blood sugar level letting you know about whether or not the night medications are ok.

In case you are testing after the breakfast or lunch period, it will let you know whether or not the morning doses are perfect.

So, based on the reading, you can talk with the doctor about the adjustment of the medicine.

How to avoid mistakes while handling the glucometer?

There are some things that users usually do wrong while handling a glucometer. The major constraint of using the Glucometer is that the patients often tend to get paranoid. This little distortion of the check leads to inaccurate measurement of blood sugar levels.

The inaccurate results lead to the development of unnecessary worry because they are either too low or too high. It’s always advisable to stick to the timeline of the doctor’s suggestion.

How should I take adequate care of the glucometer?

If you are using a Glucometer on a regular basis and you do not know proper maintenance, it’s going to spoil in some time. So, take care of the Glucometer by cleaning it and keep it in the case that is provided to avoid deposition of moisture.

Besides, calibrating the Glucometer every once in a certain period of time must be put into practice. Regular calibration ensures that the glucose meter tests accurately and removes the occurrence of error. Overall, the advice is to keep the lead of the strips tightly closed so that there is no deposition of moisture.

Final word

We have mentioned the handpicked items that will definitely help you to get accurate test results whenever you require it. Stick to the guidelines and look for the features that will give you the product of your choice while giving you the precise results. Give up all your worries about conducting the tests and get the results right at home.

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