Best Fitness Trackers in India – Reviews & Comparison

Best Fitness Trackers in India

Fitness can be regarded as a “lively” way to lead a life with dignity away from medicines and frequent visits to doctors or hospitals. Yes, we need to have a strong immune system or else even bad cold affects those who are weak and prone to seasonal diseases. Thereby, we can very well imagine the extent of serious ailments, which is becoming part and parcel of a human body.

Why people give up doing exercises over a period of time?

“Lack of motivation” can be regarded as the biggest drawback for people who although start their fitness regime with excitement, but soon end abruptly. But why they do. Have we ever pondered about it?

Well, it is because we don’t have the right method to track progress. Since motivation comes when our efforts bear results, and there can’t be anything better than checking the progress every time.

Best fitness trackers keep track of your daily activities such as the number of hours you have slept, minutes, or hours of walking you have done in a day apart from your heart rate, etc. Of late, the advanced fitness bands, besides empowering you with the number of steps, are also able to tell you about the heart rate, calorie count while few are highly sophisticated to measure blood pressure too.

How do fitness trackers function?

Every fitness band has its specific functioning. Each one of them has sensors to monitor different aspects in the form of heart rate, movements, location, altitude, etc. These smartbands are living proof of the technological invention as it connects and syncs with your Smartphone. The trackers have storage data about your different actions which you do as part of your daily chores.

There are various health bands in the market, let’s now take a look at each one of them in the following post.

5 Best Fitness Trackers in India

1. Fitbit Charge 2

Do you know that wearable devices have seen a lot of sales in the last couple of years? Yes, indeed, as people have found an easy and effective option to track their growth. One of the reasons for the awesome sales is the exemplary service provided by Fitbit Charge 2. You can own it if you are a fitness enthusiast or want to be one, for attaining an active and energetic life by maintaining the fitness schedule and alerts.

Fitbit Charge 2


  • It monitors your heart rate on a real-time basis while giving you guidance to attain calmness.
  • It tracks your sleeping pattern and alarms you on completion as the phase of peacefulness can be gained by taking the right amount of sleep.
  • It will update your different series of activities whether you have walked for a few minutes/hours, or stairs climbed or calories burned


  • A lit more expensive model than others of this brand

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2. Mi Band 3

Are you looking forward to a healthy future for yourself and your family? If yes, then you should know that keeping fit is only one aspect, as there is another to it. Yes, and that is to track your fitness.

Well, this is where Mi Band 3 does full justice. It stands out from the crowd for its features and quality. It’s equipped with the most useful activity tracking features within a decent budget option which makes it one of the best fitness band options.

Mi Band 3


  • It offers a simple real-time activity tracker for a normal person who believes in doing day to day routine activities to keep fit.
  • Its OLED touch screen has made it easy for you to decide on the specific calls to pick.
  • It helps you to view the daily activities in the form of monitoring your heart rate or sleep quality as well as real-time events, weather forecasts, and updates on goals, etc.
  • It helps you to use the battery for up to 20 days as per its capability. However, it limits to 3 days or above, while you use the automatic heart rate feature.


  • It is touch-sensitive and has poor outdoor visibility

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3. Honor Band 4

It is a fitness tracker that transforms your life for better as it empowers you with great features.

Honor Band 4


  • It helps you to monitor your heart rate and sleep in real-time, apart from having smart assistance, swim stroke recognition, etc.
  • Its TruSleep feature checks your sleeping habits, insomnia, etc.
  • The band is durable and promises to give you a long time of companionship which is full of support, love, and understanding.
  • It has Amoled full-color display to give you further ease and happiness.
  • You can run it for as many as 15-17 days without the need to recharge. It is certainly waterproof.


  • No ECG and GPS

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4. Moov Now

As we know that a fit body speaks volumes about confidence and charisma. Yes, if you are fit, you feel good from within and can involve actively in your professional arena with great zeal. In turn, you bound to get accolades and appreciation for being smart enough to take the right decision at the right time. This is where Moov Now has an immense role to play.

Moov Now


  • Its cost-effective price justified its features. If you are on a tight budget or want to try for the first time, then this brand model offers various attractive reasons for you
  • Phenomenal battery life
  • Sleep monitoring features
  • It addresses the issues of people while taking the fitness to further heights. It monitors your heart rate, sleep monitor, step tracking, etc. It helps you to run, cycle, swim along with doing CrossFit with precision


  • No GPS
  • Design not attractive

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5. Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2

Have you ever seen a person surrounding with usual illness to be happy? Not for sure, as happiness is synonymous with being healthy away from pain and suffering. It also speaks about strengthening your finances, as well as lots of money, go towards medical expenses. Yes, if you want to attain a life of easiness, stability, and happiness, then track your health, and this fitness tracker has made it easy for you to do so.

Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2


  • It offers awesome quality display by tracking your step counts, calories, and distance.
  • If you are into sports such as running, swimming, then it equally supports the same.
  • Taking about its heart rate sensor, which is quite accurate and notifies itself by taking slow and fast heartbeat into consideration.
  • It charges for roughly ten days


  • Only suited for new runners and swimmers

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Factors to Consider before Selecting Fitness Tracker

Do you want a fitness band that drains out soon? Well, absolutely No. There are different brands, while few have a battery of one day, and there are others, which functions for 4 to 6 days. There are few who takes solar energy to charge up. So, this is one aspect which you need to remember from before. So, you need to make your preference clear as few fitness trackers use disposable batteries, and obviously, you need to replace them after a few months.

Are you able to monitor your heart rate from the fitness band?

A healthy body is complete with a healthy heart. Yes, being one of the most delicate organs of the body, an important consideration to gain a healthy phase, is to monitor your heart rate. A regular check-up of your heart gives you an exact update of your well being. It can be better understood with an example, where if the reading of your heart rate comes to more than 7 bpm, then in such a situation, it is advisable for you to rest yourself before you resume your workout. So, naturally, you can’t overlook such an important aspect. Therefore, you should go for the fitness tracker which tracks your heart rate and gives you a life of confidence, ease and importantly a healthy life.  It is important to train yourself with five heart rate zones, and the figure can be regarded of a healthy heart.


Your personality matters a lot, and this additional accessory can only match your personality if it is styled enough to enhance the overall charisma. It should equally be comfortable. Different brands with their designs only empower you to choose based on your taste. There are factors such as size, weight, and strap material, etc. matters. There are different categories which will give you an indication about the look and feel of the fitness tracker. Few are rubberized sporty band while the second category looks similar to a smartwatch, and still, there is a third category which looks like that of a bracelet.


We have often heard that “quality” matters over “quantity”. Now, when they are clubbed together, then it enhances the functioning of the fitness trackers, in terms of giving an accurate reading. Yes, if there are greater numbers of quality sensors, then the reading is more accurate.


You wear them on your hands throughout the day, and naturally, you need them to be waterproof. Based on the different availability of waterproof trackers, there are categorized in the form of rating, which ranges from 2 ATM to 5 ATM. Well, based on the same, few offer resistance for a longer duration over others. So, typically, you should go for a tracker which comprise of a higher rating.

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