Top 8 Best Coir Mattress in India – Reviews & Comparison

Best Coir Mattress in India Review

Buying the right mattress is very important, as it helps you in getting high-quality sleep. These days, everybody is busy and stressed in their lives, and all the credit goes to rising competition and doing errands in daily routines. A good quality comfortable mattress will allow you to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

However, choosing the right mattress depends on many factors like sleeping position, the material used in the mattress, the breathability of the mattress, etc. Now, when you search online, there are tons of mattresses available based on different materials such as memory foam, coir, spring, etc.

An orthopedic mattress is another category that is quite popular and has shown good results among people suffering from back pain. But they are generally expensive as compared to coir mattresses.

It is a fact that every mattress comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Out of all these materials, one of the most commonly preferred materials is coir, and we have curated the list of the best coir mattress in India.

Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have created this buying guide to choose the best coir mattress, and we hope this helps you choose the right one for you!

Best Coir Mattress – Overview
1. Duroflex Coir Mattress Check Price
2. Extra Sleep Coir Mattress Check Price
3. Centuary Mattresses Lotus Mattress Check Price
4. Kurl-on Mattress Check Price
5. Solimo Coir Mattress
Check Price
6. SLEEP SPA Mattress
Check Price
7. Wake Sleep Coir Mattress
Check Price
8. Sleepwell Extra Firm Coir Mattress
Check Price

What is a coir mattress?

As the name depicts, the coir mattresses are made using a material called coir, which comes from the highly-dense fibers of coconut. It is extracted from the husk of a coconut. Overall, it is a natural fiber found between the internal hard shell and the outer body.

Now, it is a fact that nobody can sleep on the rough surface of coconut fiber (coir). Therefore, all the coir mattresses are created by combining foam and coir. So, the primary material used in a coir mattress is coir, and the foam is used as a secondary ingredient. Adding foam makes the mattress capable of providing the needed comfort and soft feel required for a good sleep.

One advantage of using coir as the main ingredient is that it is hygroscopic and breathable. It helps in improving the air circulation through all the layers of the mattress, which makes it an ideal mattress, for all hot climates, especially for people who sweat while sleeping.

8 Best Coir Mattress in India

1. Duroflex Back Magic Mattress

The Duroflex black magic is the only mattress range in India that has been certified by the National health academy. It is made using a 5-zone orthopedic layer of coir & a foam, designed to stay cool and firm naturally.

Duroflex Back Magic- Orthopaedic Certified Coir Mattress

This firm mattress comes with a cozy quilted surface, which helps in aligning the spine in the correct posture while sleeping.

It is ideal for people who want certified orthopedic support for back and spine while maintaining the firmness and coolness of a coir mattress. The Duroflex black magic mattress comes with a warranty of 7 years and available in all sizes.

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2. Extra Sleep Coir Mattress

The extra sleep coir mattress comes with a layer of rubberized coir and PU foam layer, which enhances back support and helps in maintaining the correct posture of the body.

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress 4 Inch Back Support Orthopaedic Care

Along with the rubberized coir, this mattress comes with a premium quilted cotton fabric that adds the premium feel and improves the breathability of the mattress. It helps in regulating the temperature of the body and the mattress at the same time.

The extra sleep mattress is available in all sizes and comes with a warranty of 5 years, which makes one of the most reliable and long-lasting coir mattresses in the market.

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3. Centuary Mattresses Lotus Mattress

The Lotus mattress is made with rubberized coir as the primary material, which helps in maintaining the right posture of the body and spine while sleeping.

This coir mattress comes in the pre-assembled state, and it is recommended by the manufacturer to rotate the mattress 180 degrees once in a month to avoid the body impressions to retain permanently.

Centuary Mattresses Lotus 4 inch Queen Coir Mattress

This mattress is available in all sizes and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Please Note: Do not bend/fold this mattress, as this might weaken the bonding of the rubberized coir. Please do not sit on the edges or place any heavy objects, as it can damage the shape of the mattress. Also, make sure that there is no liquid spillage, as it might lead to some damages.

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4. Kurl-on Kurlo Bond Mattress

Kurl-on Kurlo Bond 5-inch Queen Size Coir Mattress

The Kurl-on Kurlo Bond coir mattress comes with a rubberized coir mattress that delivers superior quality for its price.

It comes in a pre-assembled state, and it is available in all sizes and multiple colors.

The manufacturer is providing a warranty of 5 years, with a free replacement policy within the first year of purchase for manufacturing defects.

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5. Solimo Coir Mattress

Amazon Brand - Solimo 5-inch Queen Size Coir Mattress

The firm mattress is from the brand Solimo is owned by Amazon.

This Solimo mattress is made from the combination of natural coir and foam, which provides the firm base to the mattress.

It is available in sizes of a king, queen, single and double.

It is made using HR foam, which adjusts according to your body shape, and it is quilted using a 180 GSM premium quality fabric that gives a soft feel.

The mattress comes with a warranty of 5 years, where the manufacturer assures quality as the mattress, which has undergone more than 50 tests to ensure high quality.

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6. SLEEP SPA Mattress

SLEEPSPA Coir Orthopaedic Back Support Queen Size Mattress

The sleep spa mattress comes with a combination of cotton and coir, and it delivers the softness of cotton along with the other benefits of a traditional coir mattress.

The mattress comes in a pre-assembled state and can be used right away.

It is available in all sizes and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.

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7. Wake Sleep Coir Mattress

Wake Sleep Coir Mattress 4 Inch Back Support Orthopaedic Care

The wake-sleep coir mattress comes with natural rubberized coir foam, where it is a natural rubberized coir foam layer that maintains the right posture of your body by providing adequate support.

The mattress has a premium PU foam layer, which enhances and increases the support to the mattress that helps in having a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

To provide a premium feel, this mattress has a quilted premium cotton fabric that improves and provides breathability to you while sleeping. It also maintains the right temperature of the bed and your body at the same time.

The mattress does not require any assembly and comes with a five years warranty, and it is available in multiple sizes.

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8. Sleepwell Starlite Select Extra Firm Coir Mattress (72x30x4)

Sleepwell Starlite Select Extra Firm Coir Mattress

The Sleepwell Starlite coir mattress is developed using foam and coir. It is an extra firm mattress that comes with the natural goodness of coir.

It is available in multiple sizes with a warranty of 1 year provided by the manufacturer.

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Buying guide – Best Coir Mattress

While purchasing a coir mattress, your requirements can be different, and you should always prefer to meet your personal needs. But there are certain factors that you should consider while buying a coir mattress in India.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

  • Size of the mattress.
  • Comfort/ Firmness level of the mattress.
  • Your sleeping positions.
  • Delivery time
  • Warranty of the mattress.

Coir Mattress Buying Guide

Size of the mattress

You can choose the length of the mattress based on the person who is going to sleep on the mattress. The ideal length is 5-6 inches longer than the person. For width, you can choose based on the room width, and many people who are going to sleep on the mattress. In an ideal scenario, a queen/king size bed is enough for two adults (with average height & weight) to sleep.

Comfort / Firmness level of the mattress

Coir mattress designThe comfort and firmness level of a mattress can be recognized based on how you sink into the mattress while lying down.

One tip that we will give you is that if you are comfortable sleeping on the floor with little or no cushioning, you should prefer a firm or hard mattress.

On the other side, if you like to sink into the mattress while sleeping, you should prefer mattresses with medium to low firmness.


Your Sleeping pattern / positions

This one is very important because choosing the wrong mattress as per your sleeping position, you might have problems, stiffness, lower back pain, etc.

Here are some of the most common sleeping positions:

Sleeping on the side: When you sleep towards one side, then it puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders and your hips. Therefore, it is recommended to use soft mattresses to avoid any pain in the shoulders or the hips.

Sleeping on the back: If you are a back sleeper, you can sleep on any mattress. Therefore, you can get a coir mattress with low-medium stiffness, but one thing that we recommend is that you use additional support like a thin pillow under your knees and lower back would be beneficial.

Sleeping on the stomach: If you have a habit of sleeping your stomach, then you can select a mattress with high firmness or a hard one. Along with a hard/firm mattress, we recommend that you use it with a quilted cover.

Delivery Time

This one is specifically for all the people who want to order their mattresses online. Therefore, you should never accept the delivery of a mattress in case there are any stains or damages done during the process of delivery. Also, one more detail that you should pay attention to is the label of the mattress should state “all-new material” before accepting the delivery.

Warranty of the Mattress

A high-quality mattress should come with a warranty between 5-10 years.

Always remember that a longer warranty period is directly related to high quality, as it shows the confidence that the manufacturer has while manufacturing the mattress. Also, make sure that you read all the terms and conditions for availing the warranty when needed.

A good-quality mattress should have a warranty for five-ten years. So, please read all the details about the warranty terms and conditions.

Type of Mattress

The next factor is the type of mattress that you want. You can select any of the following based on your requirements:

Hybrid Coir Mattresses

You can call every coir mattress a hybrid mattress, as coir cannot be the sole ingredient for creating the final product. Therefore, the secondary material such as foam is mixed as secondary material. The most popular ones used to make coir mattresses are polyurethane foam or memory foam.

These are ideal for people who want more breathability, comfort with low firmness.

Rubberized Coir Mattresses

Rubberized coir mattresses are made using highly-dense and thick coir that acts like rubber. This property adds a natural bounce to this mattress, but there are many cases in which the coir is not able to have a natural bounce. Therefore, rubber or latex is added as a secondary material, and then it is called a rubberized coir mattress.

These are ideal for people who want comfort, more bounciness, springiness along, with good comfort and ventilation.

You can choose any of the two based on your personal preference.

Benefits of Using Coir mattress

There are certain benefits of using a coir mattress that attracts potential buyers, and if you are also considering to buy a mattress. Then you should have a look at the benefits of using a coir mattress, and if it fits requirements, then you can buy one without any doubt:

The following are primary benefits of Coir Mattresses:

Hygroscopic Nature: The coir mattresses use the fibers of the outer shell of the coconut, and this gives it the ability to absorb all the moisture that might lead to an uncomfortable sleep. Therefore, coir mattresses are great for refreshing and comfortable sleep for people who are sweat sleepers.

Ventilation: The coir mattresses are adequately ventilated, and this allows the mattress to maintain consistent airflow, which keeps the mattress cool. It is suitable for people who live in areas with hot temperatures. Also, when you sleep on cool mattresses, then it calms you down, resulting in better quality sleep.

Perfect ventilation:  Coir mattresses are known for having the perfect ventilation in summers. Being an organic product made from coconut coir allows the maximum airflow throughout the mattress. It helps in regulating the temperature and calm you down during summers.

Support:  Coir mattresses have natural springiness to them. Hence, these are capable of proving total support to the body. Therefore, using coir mattresses are suitable for people with back and spine problems, as it aligns and helps in maintaining the right posture while sleeping.

Also, many doctors and therapists recommend coir mattresses because these mattresses help in the proper development of bones for children and, the coir mattresses provide adequate support to all the old people as well.

Recommended to people with allergies: The coir mattresses are made from natural coconut fibers, which are not prone to having allergic dust particles, which can be harmful to dust allergic people. Therefore, coir mattresses are recommended to people with allergies.

Eco-friendly: Coir mattresses are made from 100% natural coconut fibers, and there are no harmful chemicals or compounds used during the manufacturing process. All this makes the coir mattresses 100% biodegradable and environment friendly.

Cost-effective: The coir mattresses are cost-effective, as these are very much affordable when compared to other forms of mattresses such as memory foam, latex, etc.

Durability: Hybrid coir mattresses last for a long time, especially when the fibers are combined with latex. So, these are more durable when compared to other types of mattresses.

Also, if we compare the maintenance of coir mattresses with other types such as memory foam/spring mattresses, then these mattresses require zero maintenance, whereas the memory foam mattresses come with their own set of instructions for maintenance.

Limitations of coir mattress

Apart from having some advantages, coir mattresses have some disadvantages as well. So, when you buy a coir mattress, then make sure that you keep the limitations in your mind as well.

  1. Coir mattresses can be too firm: If you are a person who likes to sleep on very soft surfaces. Then you might find problems while sleeping on a coir mattress, as these mattresses are very hard in comparison, and this might get uncomfortable at times.
  2. Increase all pressure points: When you are not used to sleeping on firm surfaces, then a coir mattress may lead to exert more tension on all pressure points of your body. Especially if you sleep sideways, then you might feel pain in your hips and shoulders while waking up.
  3. Sagging Nature: The coir mattresses have a very saggy nature, where a coir mattress will get slump easily and get depressions, as they do not push back to their original position. This leads to a lot of sagging in the areas where you tend to sleep the most.
  4. Average Quality sleep: This is for the people who are used to sleeping on soft surfaces. In such cases, a person gets the best quality sleep when the bodyweight is perfectly balanced and distributed all over the mattress. So, when such a person starts sleeping on a coir mattress, then it might affect the quality of sleep that the person receives.

Coir mattress vs. Foam mattress

The second most popular mattress in India is the foam mattresses, and a lot of people compare the coir mattresses with the foam mattresses. So, we have created a detailed comparison below:

Coir Mattress

Coir mattress vs foam mattressThe primary material used in making a coir mattress is the fiber extracted from the coconut husk, then these fibers are mixed with a latex solution that is used on the upper and the lower part of the mattress.

In general, the coir mattress is more hygroscopic, which means that they provide better ventilation and absorb moisture quickly.

A coir mattress is a lot firmer when compared to a foam mattress, but it is still able to provide support to the spine and maintain a good posture while sleeping.

Foam Mattress

A foam mattress is made from foam, which is a petrochemical compound. It is not a natural product like a coir mattress, and the most foam mattresses are the ones that are made using the memory foam.

A foam mattress is soft, and it changes its shape according to your sleeping position and body structure.

A coir mattress provides better ventilation throughout the mattress, whereas most foam mattresses provide less ventilation due to the presence of sense petrochemical compounds.

FAQ Section

Can a coir mattress cure my backache?

If your backache is due to sleeping in a bad posture, then a coir mattress can help you. But, if you still feel the pain, then you should consult a doctor.

How do I claim a warranty, and what if I order these mattresses online?

When you buy any of these mattresses online, then you can contact the customer care/online portal to claim your warranty by providing your order number.

How to determine a high-quality coir mattress?

You can check our detailed buying guide mentioned above. Also, one quick thing that you can check is the warranty period. In general, high-quality mattresses come with a more extended warranty period. So, look for the best deal in your budget.

How do I know these mattresses would fit my bed?

Take an inch tape and take the measurements of your bed, and now match these measurements with the mattresses. Also, all these mattresses are available in a lot of size options. So, you can choose the one that fits your bed.

Wrapping it Up

The coir mattresses are made using the natural fiber of a coconut. These are biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials.

The coir mattresses stay cool and allow the heat to pass through them, and this is great for people who sweat a lot or they live in humid weather conditions. Also, such mattresses are great for people who are allergic to chemicals, as the coir mattresses are no synthetic material used.

The most common and popular type of coir mattress is the hybrid mattress, which is made by combining latex and coconut fibers. Coir mattresses are durable and cost-efficient. These are hard and rigid when compared to other mattresses made from foam, rubber, etc.

There are a lot of benefits of sleeping on a coir mattress, but it is not for people who are used to sleeping on soft and luxurious surfaces, as this may lead to poor quality sleep due to the firmness. We hope that this blog helps in making the right decision for buying the right coir mattress for you.

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