Best Body Massagers in India – Reviews & Comparison

Best Body Massagers in India Review

If you’re looking for a way to relax your body at home, then body massagers are the best options to try. They will provide relief from Anxiety, headaches, daily stress, and has many health benefits for sore, knotted, overworked, and stressed muscles.

In today’s stressful life, people don’t have enough time to give proper relaxation to their muscles. That’s why the importance of adequate body massager increased significantly in everyone’s life.

These massagers use a constant vibration technique to relax the muscle of a specific part of the body. This content vibration at a given frequency rate can lead to better blood circulation and release the tension from the muscle cells. Which ultimately gives the feel of relaxation & comfort to the user.

It also helps reducing pain in the shoulders, back pain, etc. which generally happens due to the overload of our daily work. The best body massagers come with separate massager heads for each specific body part. Each massager’s head has a different point of contact to impact the affected body part differently.

Not only that, but some massagers are also designed to target only a single part of the body, i.e., neck massager, face massager, etc. If you know your requirements well you can buy such dedicated massagers also, but mostly we recommend purchasing a general massager with various head cause it will also help in other problematic areas.

Points to Consider While Buying Body Massagers

There are dozens of massagers available in the market with different concepts, perspective, and purpose. If you don’t know what you should expect from the best body massager, you may end up buying the wrong device.


The first thing you have to reminds yourself is the purpose of buying this device. It influenced the selection of products massively, suppose you’re facing back pain, then you should give priority to the massager with a long handle. If you have someone to that for you, then a shorter stem doesn’t affect much.

Those who also want to take face massaging & foot massaging benefits should opt for such massagers that come with related attachments.


The brand reputation matters a lot while buying health devices as nobody wants to risk their health with fake products. Always prefer the reputed brand, which provides certified massagers with proper & tested techniques.  Dr. Physio, Healthsense, lifelong are some of the most trusted brands of body massagers.


Considering features, the best massager should have a speed control knob to change the level of impact during massaging. A protective mesh cover would be great to add extra comfort and protect hair entanglement.

Many people tend to ignore cord and handle length, but having the long cord length gives the freedom to move the massagers around quickly. Such small things add a lot of value to the comfort while using the device.

10 Best Body Massagers in India

1. Dr. Physio Electric Full Body Massager for Pain Relief of Back, Leg, and Foot

It is one of the best body massager designed for instant relief from back pain, leg or foot pain. It creates a good sense of ease and comfort, which gives the ultimate relaxing feel to the user.

Dr. Physio Massager comes with three massage heads and has different speed control knob on the handle to change the vibrating speed of the machine. It’s pleasant dealing with Anxiety & depression, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia related to stress, myofascial pain syndrome, and helps improving blood circulation also.

Dr. Physio Electric Full Body Massager

  • It comes with three massage heads named Wave massage, scraping, and rolling heads
  • Protective fabric coverage
  • Along with relieving pain its also helps burning body fat & skin tightening

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2. HealthSense Toner-Pro HM210 Electric Handheld Percussion Body Massager

Healthsense is another premium brand known for its excellent quality health-related products. It is a handheld type massager that comes with four different kinds of massage heads. The copper motor and abs plastic made it a durable & long-lasting device.

The healthsense body massager also has a showy circle of red lights, which improves the blood circulation and increases the effect of massage.

HealthSense Toner-Pro HM210 Electric Handheld Percussion Body Massager

  • Four massage heads flat for weight loss, face & abdomen,  wavy for acupuncture, the ball to use with massage oil, microfiber for dry skin removal from feet
  • Protective soft mesh fabric head is provided only to avoid hair entanglement
  • Speed control knob to control the intensity of the massage

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3. Lifelong LLM36 Powerful Double Head Body Massager Hammer

This lifelong massager is a double head massager to provide the dual impact of massaging. It has quite a long handle to reach the back areas easily. The non-slip rubber grip on the handle offers a better handling option.

It is designed to improve blood circulation for better health and give relaxation to muscle pains and fatigue. Have a look at some of its key specs below:

Lifelong LLM36 Powerful Double Head Body Massager Hammer

  • The double head massager comes with three sets of removable massage heads
  • It has good adjustability options considering its variable vibration intensity
  • Gives muscle relaxation while loosening up the muscles through friction

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4. Dr. Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Body Massagers

It is the most effective massager which is designed after analyzing shiatsu massage therapy. Shiatsu massage is an alternative technique that involves manual pressure applied to specific points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain.

One can get into deep relaxation after wearing it and reduce neck, shoulder, or back pain with ease. The eight heatable kneading nodes improves the effectiveness of the massager while covering a large area. You don’t need to adjust the position every minute; the rotation, speed, or heat setting can be changed easily with the controls given on the belt.

Dr. Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Body Massagers

  • Eight Rotating Nodes To Cradle, Support And Relax Muscles
  • Warm, Comforting Heat From Infrared Light
  • It has Full body massage benefits, including neck, back, foot, calf, shoulder, etc.
  • Breathable net with overheating protection by a smart chip

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5. Lifelong LLM27 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

It’s another lifelong body massager with a bigger massaging head and smaller handle. It comes with four massage heads Wave massage, scraping, rolling heads, and extra dead skin removal head with protective cover.

It has a quite compact and lightweight design and gives effective results while messaging on the neck, legs, and back. Using this massager regularly, one can release muscle stress, Anxiety, and depression.

Lifelong LLM27 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

  • Made from good quality ABS plastic and powerful copper motor
  • Four massage heads with a protective cover
  • Portable design to enjoy spa experience anywhere

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6. Dr. Physio (USA) Active Hammer Electric Massager

It’s a hammer massager by Dr. Physio with a long handle to massage hard to reach areas of the body. Along with four heads for massaging, this massager also uses infrared light therapy to deal with skin problems, injuries, muscle pain, joint pain, and spinal pain. It produces infrared heat, which is useful to treat all these problems.

Dr. Physio (USA) Active Hammer Electric Massager

  • It comes with four interchangeable massage heads with unique health benefits
  • Infrared lights for more effective results
  • Digital panel to control the massage intensity or switch it on/off easily

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7. JSB 03 Body Massager

It is another powerful massager with heavy-duty motor and doubleheader for massage. The physical controls are given on the handle, which also has rubber texture on the bottom for better grip while massaging.

The six attachments make it versatile to use it in every situation. It looks kind of bulky because of its doubleheader design but has an impressive massaging performance.

JSB 03 Body Massager

  • One can take benefits of shiatsu massage, acupressure massage, and air cushion massage with its range of six attachments
  • Can be used for a back massage, neck massage, foot massage, and other muscular pains
  • The intensity of vibration can be controlled easily with the given buttons on the handle

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8. Dr. Physio (USA) Eva Personal Body Wand Massager

It is one of the unique types of body massager with inbuilt 28 vibration moods, which includes 8-speed variations and 20 vibration settings. The lightweight & cordless design makes it a portable & travel-friendly option.

However, it has a waterproof design; the head is made of bendable silicon, which lets you comfortably use it anywhere. It’s a quite handy tool to relax your muscles and decrease stiffness quickly, especially while traveling its extremely useful.

Dr. Physio (USA) Eva Personal Body Wand Massager

  • Rechargeable & compact body wand massager with Water-resistant body
  • 28 vibration moods to suit the needs of the user
  • It produces minimal noise while giving extremely satisfying results

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9. Ozomax BL-182-PR Pro Massage Apparatus

It is one of the lowest price massagers in the list but still offers the maximum attachments with it. The 17 massage attachments are capable of giving various types of massage experience, including face massage, elbow & knee massage, cervical pain reliever, breast massage, acupressure massage, and a lot more.

It has two variable speed settings, which can be controlled directly from its handle. The wire comes with it is quite long and allows the user to move it freely around the body.

Ozomax BL-182-PR Pro Massage Apparatus

  • 17 head attachment which is more than enough for any user
  • Includes face massaging options for better skin
  • Improves blood circulation and release stress from muscles

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10. Lifelong LLM63 Electric Neck, Shoulder, and Back Massager

It’s another shoulder & neck massager in the list, which comes with eight deep kneading massage heads for better relief of muscle pain, ache, and stiffness. The best thing about this type of massagers is that you don’t need to hold the heavy massager with your hand, wear it and relax in the ultimate zone.

Lifelong LLM63 Electric Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager

  • Heat massage therapy that transfers warmth to the muscle fibers to release tension, stress and even pain
  • Eight massage heads to provide relief on muscle pains
  • Auto-reverse massage functions to give for better massage in all ways
  • Adjustable settings through the button panel

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Final Words

Hence, these are some of the best full-body massager machines that we have reviewed in this post. But, if you know the basic facts that we have covered in the body massager buying guide, then you can easily compare them too.

We have concluded that the best massager should have made of high-quality plastic and copper motor for long-lasting performance. It should have designed perfectly to execute the right amount of vibration for massage, that’s why we always recommend going with reputed brands who know the things well like Dr. physio or HealthSense.

It should have a satisfying number of massager heads, speed variations, portability to be considered as a good body massager. Nowadays, infrared lights are also included with the massager to increase the impact of massage by providing soothing heat to the muscle fibers.

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