Best 2.1 Speakers in India – Reviews & Comparison

Best 2.1 Speakers in India Reviews

Are you facing trouble with the sound system of your computer? The problem is quite common these days and can’t be resolved with old speakers.

The only practical solution is to assemble a new 2.1 speaker system with your personal computer to get original sound effects. One can get exceptional sound quality using the best 2.1 speakers from reputed brands.

Why 2.1 speakers?

Have you ever thought why 2.1 speakers got so much popular than other types of the speaker? It’s simply because of its best in class performance with a suitable budget, perfect for individual users.

The 2.1 speaker system consists of two satellite speakers to be placed near the monitor and a subwoofer to deliver powerful sound with clarity of beats. People who love the bass effects should always opt for such an audio system to get the ultimate breathtaking experience of their favorite music at home.

The 5.1 speakers generally come on the expensive ends whereas the Bluetooth speakers are good for their portable uses. These are some facts which make 2.1 sound system a perfect choice to assemble with pc.

What to look for in the best 2.1 speakers?

While comparing various music systems, there are few technical things that one should be aware of before making any purchase. Here we’ll discuss it all to make it clear for the buyer to choose the right pc speaker.


Bass in the music or any sound stands for low frequency or low pitch sound waves. The subwoofers are specially designed to produce such sounds ranges from 40 Hz up to 500 Hz. Having good bass speakers adds the extra energy to the music; this type of speakers good for partying or listing loud music at home.

RMS stands for root mean square which represents the continuous power handling capacity of a speaker. It can also be used to determine the total output value of a speaker in watts.

Must check all the connectivity options of a speaker before making any decision. It’s one of crucial factor as many cheap speakers failed to provide proper connectivity option.

There should be a USB port, 3.5 mm jack, or Bluetooth/wireless connectivity options to play your favorite music on the go. The wireless 2.1 speakers are in the trend as it allows the user to play direct music from the phone. It eliminates the need for buying separate Bluetooth speakers and saves money.

Design & looks

The appearance plays a significant role in the popularity of any multimedia speakers. It can enhance or diminish the overall looks of your desktop setup, so, apart from technical specifications also pay key attention to the looks & feel of the speakers.

Along with these points also consider the brand reputation, warranty information, and other factors while comparing various speaker models.

11 Best 2.1 Speakers in India

1. Logitech Z-623 2.1 Channel THX-Certified Multimedia Speakers

Logitech Z-623 speaker is one of the most influential speakers with clear sound quality. It’s a THX certified speaker which ensures a standard of audio quality is exactly as the audio engineer intended while he was recording.

The 200 watts RMS lets the user listen to music as loud as they want and the two satellite speakers are enough to cover large auditorium also. It consists of two 3.5mm input and one RCA input which can be used to connect up to three devices whether they are PC, game controllers, DVD player, etc.

The key thing of this Logitech 2.1 speaker set which I like the most is it’s easy to access controls on the right satellite speaker. It lets the user control volume and bass easily.

Logitech Z-623 2.1 Channel THX-Certified Multimedia Speakers best in India

Logitech is no doubt one of the best brands of Pc speakers & pc accessories which always come up with premium products. The Z-623 price seems on a higher end, but the studio quality audio completely justifies its price tag.

  • THX certified studio quality speaker system for an original music experience
  • Total 200 watts RMS power including 130w subwoofer and 2 x 35w satellite speakers
  • Integrated controls and headphone jack on the satellite speaker for effortless access

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2. Edifier M3600D Multimedia 2.1 Active Speaker System – THX Certified

Edifier M3600D is a premium classy finish speaker which is made of MDF cabinet with high-quality vinyl wood grain laminate. A power indicator and volume controller has given on the right satellite speaker, with a headphone jack in the front.

It’s quite nicely designed speakers with a total of 200 watt RMS in which the subwoofer has the capacity of total 130 watts. The prices look slightly higher, but you can go with it if you like the way it designed.

Edifier M3600D Multimedia 2.1 Active Speaker System - THX Certified

  • Various inputs including an optical, coaxial, line in, and AUX to suit user needs
  • Built-in high-efficiency class D digital amplifier
  • Advanced digital audio technology with 200 Watt RMS output

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3. Logitech Z625 Powerful THX PC Speaker

Logitech Z625 is the little advanced model of Z623 with small differences. It has a peak output of 400 watts and 200 watts RMS. It can connect up to three devices simultaneously, i.e., tv, PlayStation, Xbox, smartphone.

The simple plug & play operation makes it easy to install with your computer system, even if you’re not a tech geek. Similar to Z623 It has controllers on the satellite speakers to change volume or bass levels.

Logitech Z625 Powerful THX PC Speaker

  • Gaming-grade THX Certified Audio
  • Amped audio with huge, crisp sound and thundering bass with 200 Watt RMS output
  • Optical and RCA input with a headphone jack to listen privately

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4. Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth

Sony is a well-known brand for its premium sound quality speakers for years. These Sony speakers have a total of 60w output with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. No controls are given on the satellite speakers. Instead, they are in front of the subwoofer.

For connectivity, it has USB and audio ports along with Bluetooth connectivity options to enjoy wireless music. The looks are quite decent with moderate glossy finish and elegant theme color. Best suited for PCs and music players, for TV we would recommend soundbars instead.

Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker

  • 60 Watt output speakers to boost the sound experience
  • Audio and USB inputs with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control for easy controls

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5. Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3 2.1 Gaming Speaker

Creative BlasterX is the new 2.1 speaker series by Creative to give breathtaking sound experience in a budget-friendly price. It is specially designed for gamers to catch every bit of sound, especially in online gaming, as every gamer knows the importance of Inkling of nearby enemies.

The BlasterX acoustic engine allows the user to choose between four preset settings and give real-time audio without lagging.

Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3 2.1 Gaming Speaker

  • Build purely of wood for better resonance damping
  • The enclosures deliver fuller, warmer, more natural sound
  • Real-time audio enhancements like surround sound, clearer cues, and bass boost
  • 92 watts of pure power to enjoy loud & powerful music

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6. Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 Channel Speakers System

Philips multimedia speaker is the pure entertainment unit which includes features like USB, SD card slot, and FM radio options for music. It provides rich bass with bass adjustment levels.

The design looks pretty cool with a black finish, and a slight touch of blue and the wireless remote control improves the convenience of using it.

Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 Channel Speakers System

  • Booming sound quality with superior bass with 40 Watts output
  • Remote control to adjust various settings
  • FM radio tuner for entertainment on the go
  • USB and SD card options for music and images playback

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7. LG – LK72BE Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers

With the total RMS of 40 watts, this LG speaker is complete stands on sound effectiveness. It’s made with bass blast+ technology which give more profound bass music with clear vocals.

Along with that, it has USB & SD card slots as connectivity options. It has a wall mounted design, so it can be spaced friendly option if you have such an installation location.

LG - LK72BE Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers

  • Easily connect your PC, laptop, tablet, game console or mobile phone via Port. In and Aux In.
  • Advanced EQ for perfect, customized sound and Blast+ for deeper bass
  • Wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth connectivity and USB/SD card ports for more options

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8. Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 High-Performance Speakers System

Creative SBS-E2800 is well-designed multimedia speaker perfect for low budget range users. It has a wooden subwoofer for better bass reproduction and quality.

It has multiple equalizers presets that suit mood and type of music. That can be controlled by the speaker wireless remote along with other setting options.

Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 High-Performance Speakers System

  • High performance 50 Watts of raw, rock-solid audio power
  • MP3 player, USB thumb drives or SD cards
  • FM receiver with automatic tuning and preset stations

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9. Logitech Z313 Speaker System Co. Sealed Box with Bill

If you’re looking for simple pc speakers with basic functionality and good quality sound. Then this Logitech 2.1 speaker can be your perfect choice, as it has a 25-watt output with one subwoofer and two satellite speakers.

The wired remote/controller is attached with the subwoofer to control the volume or switch it on/off. The only drawback I got is that it doesn’t have wireless connectivity option to play music from your mobile apps.

Logitech Z313 Speaker System Co. Sealed Box with Bill

  • 25-watt output speakers
  • One wired control pod long enough to reach computer chair
  • The headphone jack on the controller to listen to songs privately

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10. iBall Tarang Lion Exclusive 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Another 2.1 channel speaker with 40-watt output but the design of iBall looks something unique with the strip in front. There is nothing much to talk about, but it’s a good option in budget speakers. Have a look at the key highlights of the product:

iBall Tarang Lion Exclusive 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

  • 40 Watts RMS which can last longer than your party does
  • Multiple Inputs: Bluetooth, USB, SD/MMC, aux and FM radio
  • Made with pure quality of wood for unadulterated music

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11. F&D F-203G 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

F&D Bluetooth speakers become popular in the last few years, and now F&D 2.1 speakers also give a satisfying performance in competitive prices. It has the following specifications to check out.

F&D F-203G 2.1 Speakers System

  • 4-inch bass driver for a subwoofer and 2.5-inch driver for satellite speakers
  • 7 W subwoofer and 2-watt satellite speakers which make total 11W RMS
  • It has Audio inputs and led indicators

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After reading the complete speaker review and products list one can conclude that a good 2.1 speaker must have at least 40-50 watt RMS output, various input options like USB/SD card, wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity options, and easy to access volume controllers.

These features are must have apart from that one can opt for better RMS, THX certified speaker to experience real-time studio level sound quality; but the price may go on the higher end to get that therefore having a healthier pocket might help to get better sound.

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