Top 10 Best 1 Ton Split AC in India – Reviews & Comparison

Best 1 ton Split AC in India review

Have a small room for air-conditioned? Then why spend extra bucks on higher capacity models, instead 1-ton capacity Air conditioners will work best in such conditions.

It is one of the best budget options for small to medium families where room size is around 100 to 120 square feet and doesn’t have many exterior factors that disturb the cooling. If you have slightly larger rooms, then you should consider 1.5 ton AC with inverter technology, which has a minimal increase in everyday electricity consumption.

One ton represents the capacity of the AC in terms of the amount of heat required to melt 1-ton ice in 24 hours. This means It’s capable of removing 12000BTU/hour where BTU stands for British thermal unit. Similarly, a 2 ton AC is capable of removing the double amount of heat in the same period.

If you’re planning to get the 1-ton size AC than make sure the following conditions satisfy the surroundings where the air conditioner needs to be installed for best results.

  • The room should not have more than one window
  • It should not come in direct contact with sunlight because it will increase the amount of energy & time required to cool the room
  • The room should be adequately closed with minimal leakage of air

These factors also affect electric energy consumption; if one can satisfy these can surely save some bucks in their next electricity bill. To get more such info regarding AC usage & technicalities, one should refer to our air conditioner buying guide. Perhaps, here is our list of best 1 ton split AC in India to get the quick overview of the popular & latest models in the industry.

To make a list, we gave preference to the models that came under 30k rupees and have the copper coil, inverter compressor, or excellent energy efficiency. We have chosen this budget cause we believe it is the most suitable price range for 1 ton AC in India and anything above that should be reconsidered to compare with higher capacity models.

10 Best 1 Ton Split AC (Air Conditioners) in India

1. Voltas 1.2 Ton Inverter Split AC (153V_DZV)

Voltas is one of the leading brands of split Air conditioners that always design products considering user needs & budget. It is one such model that gives 1.2 ton capacity with Copper condenser coil, inverter technology for energy efficiency, R32 refrigerant gas, and all of this in an affordable range.

It has a small screen to display the temperature and running mode on the right side of the strip. The Intelligent sleep mode is designed in such a way to make the nights more comfortable for the users, and they don’t have to turn the AC off cause of the unpleasant cold.

Along with that, the self-diagnosis system is one such advanced feature that must be present in any latest home appliances. It quickly detects the error in the machine in case of failure and reports it to the service center.

Voltas 1.2 Ton Inverter Split AC (153V_DZV)

  • Inverter compress that uses a variable speed and power according to the heat load which results in saving energy
  • Copper condenser coil used for proper cooling speed and low maintenance
  • Refrigerant R-32 gas used which is more environment-friendly
  • Stabilizer free operation as its capable of working under wide voltage range
  • It’s 4 Way Auto Louver delivers air uniformly across the whole room

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2. Godrej 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (GIC 12GTC5-WSA 5S)

It is one of the best in terms of quality of components and technology used. The anti-corrosive bluefin coating is provided on the evaporator to prevent it from corrosion and elongates its service life. This kind of quality is generally found in the high-end air conditioners, but it has entirely fitted in a moderate budget too.

The two unique noticeable features are a healthy auto blow to prevent bacterial growth in the room and acoustic jacket from absorbing the noise for silent operation. Along with that, it has three filter combinations where pre-filter is used to capture dust particles, a carbon filter to remove odor, and an anti-bacteria filter to trap airborne contaminants. These features combined make it one of the best 1-ton ac in India that everyone should consider.

Godrej 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (GIC 12GTC5-WSA 5S)

  • Copper condenser coil with bluefin coating for added protection
  • 5 Star energy saving rating with ISEER value of 4.5
  • Inverter compressor and R32 Refrigerant gas
  • Turbo mode, multi-stage filter, stabilizer free operation

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3. Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FTL28TV)

The Daikin FTL28TV is one of the best budget AC options in India and that too without compromising much on quality. If one has small rooms and can adjust with 0.8 tonnage capacity, then this might be his/her preferred choice.

The inbuilt Coanda airflow system spread the air upwards in the room and letting it circulate in every corner; it prevents the cold air from falling on your head directly. Additionally, the power chill option can be used to cool down the room temperature rapidly.

PM 2.5 filter is the best thing that I liked about this model, as many high-end ACs failed to provide such filtration experience. It removes small tiny particles of width as low as 2.5 microns from the air, which is mostly burned fuel particles. Many metro cities in India are suffering from PM 2.5 air pollution, and it’s a great move to provide filtration at the AC level.

Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FTL28TV)

  • Copper condenser coil used but has a non-inverter compressor
  • Stabilizer free operation with a wide range of support (161 V to 264 V)
  • R32 Refrigerant gas used
  • Econo mode, Coanda airflow, Power chill operation, PM 2.5 Filter

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4. LG 1 Ton Inverter Split AC 3 Star (KS-Q12YNXA)

LG KS-Q12YNXA is a premium range AC that has a copper condenser coil with ocean black protection that is more durable and suits Indian weather conditions. Cause the air is more affected here, by pollution, dust, and industrial smoke.

It also uses dual inverter technology with Dual Rotary Compressor that results in faster cooling. Perhaps the energy efficiency rating is still a bit of the lower side as compared to 5-star air conditioners.

LG 1 Ton Inverter Split AC 3 Star (KS-Q12YNXA)

  • Copper condenser coil with ocean black protection
  • Dual inverter technology for faster cooling
  • Active energy control to limits the power consumption

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5. Daikin 1 Ton Split AC 5 Star Inverter (JTKJ35TV)

Daikin JTKJ35TV have intelligent eye feature that keeps detecting human movements, and if no one is around, it will automatically turn into energy-saving mode. When anyone came back, the AC will return to its normal mode.

Apart from that, it uses streamer discharge air purification technology that releases the high-speed electrons with high oxidative capacity that decomposes odors and harmful gases. It helps disinfect the air inside the room and makes it healthier to breathe.

Daikin 1 Ton Inverter Split AC 5 Star (JTKJ35TV)

  • Dual Inverter Compressor with a 5-star rating
  • Econo mode, intelligent eye feature, streamer discharge
  • Built-in stabilizer to perform step up & step down like normal stabilizers

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6. Sanyo 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (SI/SO-10T5SCIA)

Sanyo has one of the cheapest 5 stars AC in the market and that too with the copper condenser and hydrophilic fins. The fins have extra protection against rust and salt damages. For clean air, it has pm 2.5 and dust resistance filters that clean the air and make it free from harmful pollutants.

Loaded with features like timer, glacier mode, hidden display, sleep function, auto restart, etc. The sleep feature automatically adjusts the room temperature for comfortable and delightful sleep at night.

Sanyo 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (SI/SO-10T5SCIA)

  • 100% pure copper coils and Hydrophilic Fins
  • Full inverter compressor and R32 refrigerant
  • Self-diagnosis and eco functions

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7. Whirlpool 1 Ton Split AC Inverter (1.0T MAGICOOL PRO 5S)

The whirlpool inverter AC uses MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technic that has a 4×4 evaporator circuit for faster heat exchange and better cooling results. Apart from that, it has an inverter compressor, self-diagnosis, sleep function, turbo cool, etc.

Whirlpool 1 Ton Split AC Inverter (1.0T MAGICOOL PRO 5S)

  • R-32 refrigerant used that emits fewer greenhouse gases
  • Works efficiently even at temperature up to 55ºC
  • Inverter compressor to adjust power as per heating load

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8. Godrej 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (AC 1T GIC 12FTC3-WSA Split 3S)

It’s another Godrej AC in the list, but this one has less energy efficient than the previous model but more budget-friendly. The Godrej has included an anti-freeze thermostat that prevents the compressor from any future damages.

The overall design looks simple and elegant with the hidden display screen. Considering features, it looks power-packed and the stabilizer free operation makes it versatile to handle voltage fluctuations up to a wide range.

Godrej 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (AC 1T GIC 12FTC3-WSA Split 3S)

  • Active carbon and anti-bacterial filter along with dust filter
  • Inverter compressor with copper coil condenser and R32 refrigerant
  • Healthy auto blow, anti-freeze thermostat, multi filters

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9. Sanyo 3 Star 1 Ton Split AC Inverter (SI/SO-10T3SCIA)

It is one of the bestselling 1 ton AC in the market because of the unbeatable price and features offered by the brand. It has almost similar features as on the model 10T5SCIA. Still, the significant difference is its energy star rating, as it is less energy efficient than the previous model of the same company.

If you’re looking for an air conditioner that doesn’t put much burden on your pocket, then you should consider it. Despite its low prices, it completely stands on customers’ trust and delivers excellent performance. Perhaps If you can adjust with tonnage capacity, then the Daikin 0.8 Ton model is a good alternative to it.

Sanyo 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (SI/SO-10T3SCIA)

  • Inverter AC and copper condenser with Hydrophilic Fins
  • Timer function, sleep function, the hidden display
  • Remote with backlit

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10. Panasonic 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (CS/CU-SU12VKYW)

Last but not least, The Panasonic inverter AC looks just a phenomenon with its clean & simple design. The screen and indicators are given at the bottom right of the conditioner. The best thing is it uses R32 refrigerant to prevent the climate and has PM 2.5 filter to clean the air thoroughly.

It’s capable of removing particles as small as 2.5 microns, which is the primary cause of pollution in metro cities like Delhi. Follow up on its other vital specifications ahead.

Panasonic 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (CS/CU-SU12VKYW)

  • Copper condenser and inverter compressor
  • Real-time room temperature indicator
  • PM 2.5 filter and R32 refrigerant

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Energy Efficiency Rating Explained

The energy efficiency ratio or EER is a unit that represents the energy efficiency of an electrical appliance. It is calculated by dividing the cooling capacity of the AC (BTU/hr) with the power (in watts) of the device. The higher is the EER of the Air conditioner, the more energy-efficient it is and tend to consume less electricity as compared to the one that has less EER.

The SEER Concept

It stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, where the cooling output of the season taken into account and divided by the total electric energy input for the same period. It gives a more realistic value to compare the efficiency of the air conditioners.

However, the seasonal temperatures are not the same everywhere, and it leads to differences in values of SEER from place to place. In India, It is represented by the ISEER ratings to make the differences clear from SEER ratings.

The Star Ratings and Labeling Period

To make these concepts easily understandable for people, the BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) has labeled the appliances into an energy star rating from 5 stars (most energy efficient) to 1 star (least energy efficient) for a limited period.

That means a 5 star split AC of 2020 doesn’t necessarily mean it holds the same energy rating after five years because the energy-saving standards and technology keep rising with time. That’s why one should always check the labeling period of the product before considering its energy star rating.

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